Shooting wooting school of photography is founded for those who have a passion for photography. Our Academy emphasizes on coursework based around students actually going out and shooting as part of their coursework. Students write, produce, direct, and edit their own stuff while also serving as crewmembers assisting the team of Shooting Wooting to gain extensive on-set experience.

Shooting Wooting provides students with the tools and know-how, and they actually apply what they learn in class in the real world, making for an educational experience unlike any other founded on the principle of learning by doing.

Students at Shooting Wootting school study under our prestigious faculty of instructors who are professional photographers working across the spectrum of photographic genres. Each faculty member guides students though the demanding curriculum to help them achieve their educational goals and students receive hands-on training in a wide range of photographic disciplines, giving students spectacular insight into the realities of the contemporary photography market.